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new vans 01Lezzet Doners has been in the meat supply business for 15 years. It is a family owned enterprise. We supply the highest quality products, by ensuring that there is a high level of quality control through the entire manufacturing process, from procurement to final delivery.

Our plant operates under stringent hygeine conditions. with EC approved Food safety accreditation No UK EN039 EC. Incorporating a total managment system. The meat we use is of the highest quality sourced from EEC approved Halal plants. The meat is handled in temperature controlled conditions, in the plant as well as when being transported to and from our factory.

Each doner is hand made, and infused with authentic Turkish herbs and spices, to ensure a taste only to be found in a genuine Kebab from Turkey.

This combination of technically advanced manufacturing processes combined with traditional techniques, ensures our product is of the hihest quality, while maintaining authenticity